Thursday, November 26, 2015

I'm Still Here

I know it seems I'm not around much here but I am, just not a lot to say or maybe too much to put into words.

The cabin is still for sale and we've even showed it a few times already, without a realtor.  The Hubby did say that IF we did not get our asking price, we would NOT sell!!!!!  First time I heard that, and I am very happy about it.  I have resigned myself to the idea that we may sell, and I am okay with the decision we have both made right now.  

Life with a three year can be challenging, especially for her parents but it is so totally worth it.  Little Snicklefritz lights up my life when she is around and I can't imagine my world without her in it right now.

Life on my easel is kind of busy as I have four commissions working, one is not due till after Christmas, thank goodness.  I'm working kitties, doggies and cars.  The car is done and will ship this next week I hope.

Plus the money stuff, I'm also working on something for myself (or maybe Daddy).  This photo of Momma is one I love and was so like her.  I showed it to my instructor and he loved it too and encouraged me to paint it.

So far so good.  I should be done next week and then I want to do a large still life for a juried show in March but has to be done by January 1!  That is a lot of pressure but I can do it, I hope!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Selling, Sold, GONE?

Oh MY goodness, this selling the cabin thing is rolling faster than the speed of light.  We announced formally Friday night to our "crew" and then Tuesday I put it on our private cabin page, where only the people there see.  My Facebook Messenger BLEW UP within an hour.  We are showing it Saturday to several people.  We've sent tons of pictures out and answered tons of questions.  I have a kind of bad feeling it is going to go very, very, VERY fast.  

Feeling sad and a bit scared to let it go!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I have been silent lately as we have been dealing with some important life decisions and have kept it pretty quiet until family knows.  As many have seen here on my blog the pictures of our "second home," the cabin.  We have enjoyed this lovely slice of heaven for 13 years now but things are about to change.....


The Hubby turned 60 this summer and my 60th is coming up in June.  Well, retirement is looking him in the face and he is obsessed with it.  It is all he thinks and talks about and even when not talking I can actually hear the squeaky wheels in his brain thinking about it, CONSTANTLY!  We....He have decided that we need to consolidate a bit, pull in as he feels stretched too thin with properties and all they entail to take care of and obviously the first to go, in his mind, is the cabin.  It WOULD NOT be my first choice but he is right we have not been going up there as much as we've been too busy with work and just stuff.  There are a lot of other reasons but those are the main reasons.  

So, reluctantly I am a partner in this 40 year relationship, we have to get on the same page, so we have officially put on the market our little slice of heaven. 

He says we may buy back in the area again but I would only want OUR cabin back, not any other.  I am really heartbroken about this decision, HEARTBROKEN! 


Clayton will miss the runs in the meadow.  I will miss my backdoor friends!   

It may take a few weeks or it could take a year to sell but now every time I go there I will be saying goodbye and maybe for the last time.  I am going to take it in, every single inch, every time we are there.

Friday, November 06, 2015

2nd Place


I took 2nd place in oils for this little gem!  I was thrilled as there were tons of paintings in the category.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Art Show

It seems since the workshop I have painting on the brain and that is as it should be.  Actually, this weekend is the art show that I usually enter.  It used to be held at TCC South but they have done away with the area we used to use so we had to find another venue.  We found an empty store at the Promenade Mall for a few days.  I like this show because it is judged and I've won ribbons before!  So I will be there tonight at least around the 6 time and then tomorrow I will be there from about 9-1 working the show.  Come visit.  

These three paintings will be there!
"Cocktail Time"


"Garden Harvest"

Yesterday at the office while I was watching little Snicklefritz I tried to do the rose like in the workshop but it just wasn't happening.  I decided that an abstract would be best and I LOVE it!
"A Red Rose"
12x16 oil on canvas

This one I finished in class for the Deco Show that will be held at the Deco Museum somewhere Downtown Tulsa for the month of December-January! 
"Femme Fatale"
9x12 oil on canvas
(Will be available)

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Art Workshop

Yes I have been at yet another art workshop and it was SOOOOoooo well worth my time and effort.  We (my art buddies) and I, had the opportunity to attend a Daniel Keys workshop and I LOVE his work, so it was, YES!  He is young, so very young and talented.  I'm on a mission in my lifetime to own one of his paintings and a Jeffrey T Larson (I have 3 of his prints).  

We drove to Oklahoma City, six of us in three cars.  Three cars to accommodate all of our painting supplies and a little bit of clothing!  When he sat down at the easel I was a bit star-struck as he is big, really BIG in the art world and I was about to learn from him.  
He begins his demo...  
Each of the four mornings we sat and watched as he created.  It is an amazing time to see art appear on his canvas. 

From 9:30 to 12:30 we watched in awe and knew we would be up next to try and be as creative as he was. 

Stunning, absolutely stunning, and it would be up for sale, if your name was drawn out of the cup to purchase.  I wanted SOooooo bad but alas my name was not drawn. 

Our turn...
It is a little scary to know that as you apply paint, he is watching, others are watching, the pressure is truly on. 
My attempt at our set up.  
I was paired with a lady from OKC, Peggy, a sweet older lady.  We drew numbers from a cup to find our station in the room and most shared a set up.  Peggy set this still life up.  I was not fond of the purple corn husk.   I struggled a bit and he actually asked me if I have done the "color charts" which I replied, "YES!" I was a tad offended because color I can do and know.  RATS!

Day 2 and 3 was pumpkins and dry corn.  It's one of his favorites to paint. 
The lessons begin again. 
Amazing how he can make that stuff appear.  

Our turn.  This time I got to set up the still life and see the purple husk, I used it.  He loved the set up and what I created pleased me.  
I think I warmed it up a bit from what was there. 

Two days spent on this one and I'm not through, according to Daniel.  He wants me to do some more with the table which I hope to do today.  I hope I don't mess it up.

We were exhausted as creating is mentally exhausting.  The first night the six of us went to Macaroni Grill for a bit of bubbly (for me) and food then it was to bed to be fresh and ready.  The second evening was a treat at one of the ladies lovely homes that was filled to bursting with art from all kinds of people, including Daniel.  There was almost too much but she was very proud of everything and her house was beautiful.  The third evening four of our group found a wonderful authentic Chinese restaurant that we came back to the following night.  That last night we were so tired but we had wonderful food, lots of laughs with friends and the best time.  These four ladies (including me) are heading on a Mediterranean cruise next year, with hubbies in tow to take photographs to paint!

Finally, day four came and it was roses on the easel.  I paint flowers but not quite like his and I was wanting to learn.  Roses are probably the hardest flower to paint.  He makes it look easy, NOT!

Wow, wow, wow and we had to try THAT!

Our turn... 

Man, I struggled and struggled and in fact wiped it off a couple of times.  It was frustrating but I think I finally got it but of course he found the flaws but I like it! 

Day four, Friday afternoon 4:30 and we were packing up to head home to Tulsa in the pouring rain.  I guess we could have stayed but I knew the rain was about to end.  Not to worry too much about hydroplaning as we were at a standstill for half of the trip home from construction and a jack-knifed semi.  Nearly 3 hours later and we pulled up.  I was starved and tired and I had paint brain.  In fact most of my dreams for several nights are of painting and mixing paint.  It's over and I want to continue.  We were lucky enough to get him to commit to come to Tulsa in June and my friend Linda has already filled his class, and I AM ONE OF THEM, so I will get to continue to learn.